Morning Reflection - 28th September

Monday was the UN International day of sign language.

Sign language is one of the earliest and most basic forms of human communication. We use signs when you wave hello or point to something we want, we use body language to emphasize an idea or to express emotion, but for the deaf community and for those with hearing impairments Sign language opens up a whole new world of communication.

Sign Language is thought to have begun in the 16th century and became formalized by a priest named Charles Michel de l'Eppe in the 1800s.

Often described as the most beautiful language in the world, signing, unlike speaking requires both people to be truly present to convey their meaning.

Have you ever considered this: When we communicate verbally we might be looking around us, we might be distracted by our phones or TV, we might not even be listening to what the other person is saying, but when people communicate through sign language both parties must be fully present in the conversation. Both must watch what the other person is doing to fully understand what they are saying. We in the hearing community could learn something from that. Perhaps all of us should make a real effort to be more present when we are communicating with others.

Today we ask God to bless those who teach sign language, who use it and who are learning it. May it continue to open the doors of communication for all who need it.

Today we pray for a good day,


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