Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our focus during the Summer was to put into place systems for the safe reopening of the school.  The school is now operating and this morning the Leaving Certificate Class of 2020 received their calculated grades, which allow them progress to the next stage of their educational journey.

We now turn to the issuing of the Junior Certificate Profiles.  This Profile is an official statement by Loreto Abbey of achievement during the Junior Cycle and marks a milestone as your daughter progresses through our national system.   The staff reviewed results achieved over 2nd and 3rd Year in particular, with a minor weighting given to work completed during the lockdown and have agreed grades.  Grades in all academic subjects will be recorded on a Profile sheet. Included also will be the results of the Classroom Based Assessments completed in 2nd and 3rd Year, a statement on participation and skills achieved in Wellbeing (PE, CSPE, SPHE) and a summary of Other Areas of Learning. We are currently completing the collation of this information.

The Profiles will be issued at 14.15 on Wednesday September 16th.  Students will be free to leave school on receipt of their results.  Due to the Covid-19 regulations for schools, it will not be possible for large groups to gather in the school grounds at that time as would be the norm.  Given the increased risks of Covid transmission, I would suggest that students celebrate their success with families and avoid gathering with large groups of their peers as they might in other years.

The uncertainty around the Junior Certificate has been stressful for our students.  I commend the majority for their engagement with online learning and for their positive attitude to completing coursework.  I would hope that they see their results as a just reflection of their efforts and that they will be enabled to enter the Senior Cycle with confidence.

With kind regards,

Robert Dunne,